Our Mission

Free Ind33d Ministries

Free Ind33d Ministries is a 501(c)3 inter-denominational ministry that helps sexually broken people become whole and free in Jesus Christ.

Loving Accountability

We have authentic transparent relationships with one another sharing our failures, hurts, and triumphs.  Most people struggling with sexual sin do so in isolation due to the inherent shame associated with it.  So we have weekly meetings and a three call per week minimum to members in our group to help sharpen us and invite help into our lives.

Rigorous Retraining of Our Minds

The battle is won or lost between our ears.  Inevitably we have believed lies usually at a place of intense wounding.  These lies need to be exposed and God’s truth needs to be inserted there so new neuro pathways in our mind can be formed.  Much of the course work is geared in this area. Renewing the mind is a 2-5 year commitment, which takes intentionality.

Operative Power of the Holy Spirit

 This is a spiritual battle we are engaging which necessitates the operative power of God in our lives.  Without God’s power we will see no change in our lives.  Prayer is vital to this ministry and the backbone of what we do.

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