Free resources

Here are some effective tools that will help you in the battle for sexual integrity in your life and marriage.

Sexual addiction screening test

This (SAST) is designed to assist in the assessment of sexual compulsive or
“addictive” behavior.

love addiction evaluation

The following 28 questions are meant to be a simple guideline for identifying the possible
signs of love addiction.

Faster Scale

This is an amazing tool to train yourself to become self aware & to begin noticing
patterns that lead to relapse.

Anger Test

Do you have anger issues? Take some
time to evaluate your reactions and
responses to situations that
may result in anger.

Recovery Action plan spouse

The Recovery Action Plan is a resource that will give you and your spouse a new tool to help transform addictive behaviors and the healthy response to those behaviors in your marriage. 

Recovery action plan addict

The Recovery Action Plan is a valuable tool for anyone wanting to take a proactive approach
to their recovery and their relationships.
(For addict)

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